Are you looking for reliable and affordable storage of your personal effects, devices, or equipment? Choose storage in our warehouse in the Komenda industrial zone, a 20-minute drive from the center of Ljubljana.

Modern, secure warehouse with video surveillance close to Ljubljana

In 2007, we built a 2,000-square meter concrete warehouse with up-to-date equipment.  At our warehouse, we also have smaller storage units available.


Our warehouse is suitable for:

Storage of household goods
If your new space is occupied, it’s not easy to unpack and systematically set up. You can store part or all of your goods in our warehouse. This is especially appropriate if you need to renovate or partially remodel your new living space.
New furniture storage
We offer comprehensive new furniture storage service. We can organize your entire delivery – from the manufacturer abroad to delivery to the final consumer. We deliver new furniture to the customer, and we remove any used furniture and take it to a landfill. Your authorized installer then takes care of any necessary installation.
Archive storage
For law offices and small companies, we offer storage units equipped with shelves.  Each unit can hold up to 10 cubic meters of archives, office material, or marketing material. The unit can be locked so that only you have access to it. Alternatively, you can entrust the key to us and we can deliver requested documents or other material to your home or office, as needed.
Storage of commercial merchandise
To a lesser extent, we provide storage of commercial merchandise.


Why choose the Vatovec Relocations warehouse?

  • Modern, concrete warehouse located only a 20-minute drive from Ljubljana
  • Equipped with fire protection and anti-theft mechanisms
  • Under video camera surveillance
  • Linked to 24/7 security service
  • Insured against fire and theft
  • Quality of our services validated by our membership in FIDI Global Alliance, the most elite association of international moving companies
  • The only moving company in Slovenia to bear the prestigious FAIM certification of quality moving servicesthe only award of its kind in the world
  • Location perfectly adapted to storage of sensitive items
  • Suitable for short-term or long-term storage


Vatovec warehouse location

Our warehouse is located in the »Žeje pri Komendi« industrial zone, a 20-minute drive from Ljubljana.

Pod lipami 8, PC Žeje pri Komendi, 1218 Komenda
GPS coordinates: Š: 46.190909, D: 14.519818