Up-to-date technological moving solutions and high-quality moving equipment

We implement progressive technological solutions into our work and use high-quality equipment. To the fullest extent possible, we remove the burden of labor-intensive tasks from our employees; we make their work easier and improve the quality of our services.

  • Moving lift
    • For moves above the first floor, we use small, portable moving lifts.
    • For transport of goods to higher floors, we use truck-mounted moving lifts, suitable for lifting up to 27 meters (to approximately the 8th or 9th floor).
  • Moving van fleet
    • For moves within Europe, we have moving vans with trailers with a capacity of 96 cubic meters; for local moves, we have 3 smaller vans with a capacity of 18 – 20 cubic meters.
    • Transfer ramp for loading automobiles enables us to pick up and deliver almost anywhere.
    • Tracking system enables us to follow the movement of vehicles at all times, as well as supplementary alarm systems which secure the vans.
  • Plastic crates
    • Suitable for moving offices, archives, or personal goods
    • Sturdy construction safeguards goods during moves
  • Warehouse
    • Specially designed for storage of personal goods, archives, packaging, and equipment

Equipped with fire protection and anti-theft devices, as well as video camera surveillance linked to a 24/7 security service