Data privacy

Protection of personal data

In this Personal Data Protection Statement, we outline the ways in which Vatovec Relocations  acquires, stores, and uses data about individuals who visit this website, as well as data provided by clients in order to execute a move or other services successfully.

By using this website you consent to the acqusition and use of data in the means described in this Personal Data Protection Statement. You confirm that you are aware of the possiblity that Vatovec Relocations may partially change or update this Statement. We wil handle your personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Statement which was in force at the time at which data was collected. We will post any changes to the Statement on this website, so that at any time, you will be completely informed about which data we are collecting, as well as how and under what conditions we are using that data.


Intended use of  personal data

When you visit our website, you do not need to register or disclose your identity. We need your personal data only in the case that you inquire about our services. If in the inquiry process, you decide that you do not wish to disclose some portion of your data, your access to some parts of our website may be limited, or you may not receive an appropriate response or feedback to your inquiry. We will use your personal data to ensure appropriate services, generate invoices, promote our services which may be of interest to you, or contact you with an intent which will be clear in that particular case.


Right to access, correction, and protest

Before putting your personal data in a reasonable format, we ensure that it is accurate and relevant to the purpose for which we obtained it. If the handling of your data is not required for a valid business purpose, as described in this Statement or as stated by law, you may decline the handling of your data.  When conducting direct marketing, we will ensure that you can opt out of receving marketing emails. We will allow you to re-subscribe to messages, if you choose, or if the law requires it. If you wish to contact us concerning our use of your personal data or if you object to the handling of this data, please write to us at When you write, please provide sufficient information so that we can identify you properly, and specify which data you would like us to correct, update, or delete.


Children and personal data

Most services available on this website are intended for individuals who are at least 18 years of age. We will not intentionally collect, use, or disclose the personal data of minors without direct consent (in non-electronic form) from a parent or guardian.  We will notify parents about individual types of personal data that we would like to obtain from a minor and offer the possibility of refusing the collection, use, or storage of that type of data in the future. Vatovec Relocations works in accordance with regulations that serve to protect children.


Data protection guarantee

The phrase »personal data« refers to the following information: name, date and place of birth, email address, IP address, address, telephone number, or other identifying information. In the majority of cases, we will handle your personal data as described in this Statment. We reserve the right to additional handling in cases required by law, or in the case of a criminal or legal investigation.

The following sections describe the means of and timing for the collection of personal data.


Disclosure of personal data

We will not sell, distribute, or in any way provide your personal data to any third party, except in cases and the capacity described in this Statement. We may disclose your data to our partners in Slovenia and abroad; these partners have committed to handling your data in accordance with this Statement. We may disclose your data to third parties who work for us or on behalf of us, for continued handling in accordance with the purpose for which we obtained the data.

Third parties may handle your data for other legal purposes, such as the delivery of services, assessment of the usability of this website, marketing, data administration, or technical support. Through written contracts with us, these individuals have committed that they will not sell or disclose your data to any third parties, except to the extent and in forms required by law.


Privacy and confidentiality

To ensure the privacy and confidentiality of personal data which we receive on the Internet, we utilize data networks which are protected by password and firewalls. In the case of management of your personal data, we will act in accordance with standard procedures required to protect data from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, corruption, or destruction.



At your first visit to our website, you will be informed about the possibility of using »cookies« in your browser. When you click on »Agree« or »Don’t Agree«, you confirm whether you accept »cookies« or not. Only when you click on »Agree« to confirm your acceptance of the use of »cookies« will our website use them. If you wish to modify your decision and decline the use of your data, please contact us at


Links to other websites

This Statement applies only to our website and does not apply to the websites of third parties. Through links on our website, you may connect to other websites that we believe could be of interest to you. Those websites are carefully selected and checked. Because of the nature of the Internet, however, we cannot guarantee the same level of privacy on those linked websites. We cannot be held responsible in any way for the content of other websites.  This Statement does not apply to websites that do not belong to us.