Relocation services

Relocation services include everything involved with ensuring that you, your family, or your colleagues can smoothly start life in your new home. If you or your colleagues are moving to Slovenia from abroad, we can help. We transfer not only your belongings (international moves), but transition your entire life.

A reliable and experienced relocation partner

Starting life in a new country is complex and strenuous; it requires a lot of time, effort, and energy. We recommend that you focus as much as possible on adapting to and enjoying your new work assignment and environment and leave the arrangement of necessary formalities to us. We ourselves will handle your entire relocation to Slovenia, and our partners will do the same in the country to which you are moving.


When you move to Slovenia we can:

  • Obtain your residence permit
  • Obtain your work permit
  • Search for suitable accommdations through our real estate agency partner Stoja Trade
  • Identify suitable kindergartens, schools, and language classes
  • Take care of conversion of your driver’s license
  • Assist you with getting to know your new environment
  • Search for repairmen and tradesmen
  • Assist with opening a bank account
  • And more


Relocation to other countries – departure from Slovenia

If you or your colleagues are moving to another country (and not to Slovenia), we can also assist with this. We collaborate with a network of foreign partners, with whom we ensure you a high-quality relocation within Europe, as well as relocation to places on other continents: Australia, the United States, Canada and New Zealand.


In Slovenia, we can:

  • Terminate your lease and handle the transfer of your house
  • Arrange for payment of final bills and termination of electricity, water, gas, telephone, Internet, and TV service
  • Take care of conversion of your driver’s license
  • Handle closing of bank accounts

Through our network of partners abroad, we can organize relocation services in the foreign country to which you are moving.


We also handle

Customs formalities
Concerned about proper handling of customs formalities? Trust our experience and we’ll arrange customs formalities in accordance with all required regulations in Slovenia as well as abroad. We can handle any kinds of goods you wish to move.
Storage of household goods
If you are unable to move in immediately or set up your belongings in your new location, we can store your goods in our modern warehouse.

Our warehouse is insured against fire and theft, linked to a 24/7 security service, and equipped with video surveillance cameras. You may choose from various types of storage, including locked storage units.

Fine art moves
We know that moving fine art requires extra care, as it is impossible to replace in the case of loss or damage. Therefore, we devote special attention to packing these items safely. We also take care of customs formalities and other administrative tasks, as well as securing the necessary permits for your art.
Pet moves
Your pets (dogs, cats, birds, and other animals) also need to move safely and with as little stress as possible. Leave the move to our experts who, regardless of the distance of the move, will ensure that your pets travel safely and comfortably. In specially designed crates equipped with security features, your pets can relax during the journey and have access to food and water along the way.