• Air box

    Air box. Extra big and strong carton for air shipments.

    Dimensions: 93x69x62 cm

    Price per item: 24,40 
  • Book carton

    Book carton. Smaller carton for small and heavy items like books, files, documents, photos.

    Dimensions: 48x23x35 cm

    Price/piece: 2,93 
  • Bubble foil narrow

    Bubble foil in rolls.

    Dimensions: 30cm x 200m

    Price/roll: 54,90 
  • Bubble foil wide

    Bubble foil in rolls.

    Dimensions: 150cm x 200 m

    Price/roll: 231,80 
  • Carton for paintings and mirrors

    Carton for paintings and mirrors. Set of two telescopic cartons for paintings dim up to 75x115cm.

    Dimensions: 76x10x60 cm

    Price/set: 7,32 
  • Mattress carton

    Mattress carton for single mattress. Two are needed for double mattress.

    Dimensions: 91x20x201 cm

    Price/piece: 10,98 
  • Packing material for bottles

    Packaging for Bottles. Fits bottles up to 1 liter Pack of 12 pcs.

    Price/piece: 7,32 
  • Packing materials for china

    Packing material for china. Pack of 20 pcs.

    Dimensions: 15x15 cm, 27x27 cm, 47x47 cm

    Price/packet: 12,20 
  • Packing materials for crystal

    Packaging for glasses. Pack of 20 pcs.

    Dimensions: 13x38 cm, 19x38 cm, 24x50 cm

    Price/packet: 12,20 
  • Packing paper

    Height: 1cm

    Dimensions: 100x70 cm

    Price/roll: 24,40 
  • Self adhesive tape

    Extra strong wide self adhesive tape

    Dimensions: 5x50 m

    Cena/kos: 3,05 
  • Separator for glasses and bottles

    Inserts-separators for standard (and double height standard) carton. Used for easier packing of glass, bottles, ornaments. Set.

    Price/set: 6,10 
  • Standard carton

    Standard carton. For pots, china, glass, clothes, toys.

    Dimensions: 48x48x35 cm

    Price/piece: 4,27 
  • Standard carton double height

    Double height standard carton for linen, towels, cushions, toys and bigger lightweight items.

    Dimensions: 48x48x73 cm

    Price/piece: 6,10 
  • Wardrobe box

    Hanging wardrobe box. Suitable for packing and storing hanging wardrobe.

    Dimensions: 54x53x132 cm

    Price/piece: 19,52