Packing materials

An extremely important part of the move is the quality of the packing and the type of material used. This determines whether your belongings will arrive safely and undamaged at their destination.

Our packing materials are consistent with international standards; we are the only movers on the Slovenian market to use them. For computers, documents, files, binders, books, and other office material we use specially designed covered moving boxes made of the highest quality plastic.

Advantages of plastic moving boxes:

  • Time-saving
  • Protect contents from damage
  • Protect document confidentality
  • Simple and effective labeling
  • Additional sealed protection available
  • Ease of use


We pack fragile items such as crystal, glass, and china in specially designed rigid plastic boxes.  We protect valuable paintings, antiques, and chandeliers, as needed, in custom-made wooden crates.

Clothing can be moved on hangers in packaging which will ensure that there will be no need for ironing our laundering after your garments arrive at their destination.

If you would like to pack certain items yourself, we can provide you with all of the necessary packing materials before your departure.  You can purchase or rent the packing materials from us. Before transport, we will check to ensure all items have been safely packed; only then will we load them and forward them to your new home.


Purchase and rental of packing materials

If you wish to move on your own  or want to pack your belongings yourself, we offer a broad selection of professional packing materials and various kinds of cartons. You may purchase or rent moving supplies from us.

We offer a diverse range of packing materials for various moving needs: book boxes, moving boxes of various sizes, wardrobe boxes, mattress boxes, picture and mirror boxes, as well as packing material for plates, glasses, and glassware, strong packing tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, etc.