Personal moves

People feel a strong attachment to their personal belongings. Because these things mean a lot to us, we don’t want to entrust them to just anyone. Moving from one location to another requires specific expertise, logistics, and suitable equipment. A move handled in a careless way can result in a lot of stress, bad feelings, and damage.

Our professionally qualified team and the our long experience in the moving industry are your guarantee that your sensitive, valuable goods are moved in a professional way, without any complications.

Why choose Vatovec Relocations for your personal move?


A carefully planned move
Our moving company has long and varied experience with local and international moves.  We carefully plan each move in advance with you. We take into consideration your wishes and map out the entire process of your move. You can relax knowing we’ll take care of every detail. We won’t leave anything to chance.
Professional packing material and packing service
An extremely important part of the move is the quality of the packing and the type of material used. This determines whether your belongings arrive safely and undamaged at their destination.

We pack fragile items such as crystal, glass, and china in specially designed rigid plastic cases.  We protect valuable paintings, antiques, and chandeliers, as needed, in custom-made wooden crates. Clothing can be moved on hangers in packaging which will ensure that there will be no need for ironing our laundering after your garments arrive at their destination.

If you would like to pack certain items yourself, we can provide you all of the necessary packing materials before your departure. Before transport, we will check to ensure all items have been safely packed; only then will we load them and forward them to your new home.

Purchase and rental of packing materials
If you wish to move on your own or want to pack your belongings yourself, we offer a broad selection of professional packing material.  We offer a diverse range of packing supplies, including moving boxes of variouse sizes, wardrobe boxes, picture boxes, etc.

After submitting payment, you can pick up your moving supplies at our warehouse, or we can deliver them to your home. You can purchase or rent moving supplies from us.

If you want to set up your new home gradually and in peace, we can, for easier organization, store a portion of your equipment and personal goods. We offer short-term and long-term storage in our warehouse, which is insured against fire and theft and linked to a 24/7 security service.
Moving lift
Do you live on a high floor of a building which doesn’t have a lift? Do you have goods that might be damaged by being moved through the building? Does your office have corridors so narrow that you don’t know how you will manage to move large items? Don’t worry; with our exterior lift and expert team we can safely move challenging items to your new location.  For first-floor moves, we use small portable moving lifts. For transport of goods to higher floors, we use a truck-mounted moving lift, suitable for lifting items to heights of 27 meters (to approximately the 8th or 9th floor.)
Insurance of your goods
Because we plan every detail of our work, it’s extremely rare that a mistake on our part causes loss or damage of your goods. Unexpected events or unforeseen accidents can occur, so we don’t leave anything to chance.

We are covered by our insurance policy; this coverage is limited, however, and may not cover all damage that occurs.  For this reason, we recommend purchasing a moving insurance policy, which will ensure full coverage of damage, should an accident occur.  In this way, your goods will be insured throughout the entire process of packing, transport, and delivery.


For more information, or to make more specific arrangements, please contact us or send an inquiry.