Office moves

We can move your office quickly, reliably, and impeccably. There is no need for an extended disruption of your work process.

Leave the entire moving logistics to us; without the unecessary worries about your move, you can dedicate yourself to planning the work process in your new location.

Choose the office move that meets your needs:

  • Internal move: moving within the office, for example in a re-organization
  • One-day move: moving a small company or a business unit
  • Weekend move: for those who cannot move during the workweek
  • Other services: tailored to your company’s specific needs

If you would like to pack certain items yourself, we can provide you with all of the necessary packing materials before your departure.  You can purchase or rent the packing materials from us. Before transport, we will check to ensure all items have been safely packed; only then will we load them and forward them to your new location.

For more information, or to make more specific arrangements, please contact us or send inquiry.


Why choose Vatovec Relocations for an office move?

High-quality moving plan
Before your move, we work together with you to create a detailed moving plan. This ensures each step of the move happens as smoothly as possible and shortens the time of the move as much as possible.
Move without extended work disruptions
When moving office furniture, equipment, and computers to a new location, we use top-quality equipment and the most up-to-date technologies. The result is a quick, safe, and reliable move of your office, with almost no interruption of your workflow.
Complete range of moving services
A single moving company offers you a full suite of high-quality services:

  • Professional pre-departure packing of goods
  • Packing materials
  • Transport
  • Storage

Packing materials that meet international standards
The equipment we use in our moves is consistent with international standards, and we are the only movers on the Slovenian market to use it. For computers, documents, binders, books, and office material we use specially designed covered moving boxes made of the highest quality plastic.

Advantages of plastic moving boxes:

  • Time-saving
  • Protect from damage
  • Protect document confidentality
  • Simple and effective labeling
  • Additional sealed protection available
  • Ease of use

Moving lift
Is your office on a high floor of a building which has no lift? Do you have goods that might be damaged by being moved through the building? Does your office have corridors so narrow that you don’t know how you will manage to move large items? Don’t worry; with our moving lifts and expert team we can safely move challenging items to your new location.  For first-floor moves, we use small portable moving lifts. For transport of goods to higher floors, we use a truck-mounted moving lifts, suitable for lifting items to heights of 27 meters (to approximately the 8th or 9th floor.)
Moving of archives
Moving of archives represents a special challenge, as it’s necessary to ensure materials remain orderly and well organized.  Our trained and highly experienced team is very effective at organizing this process. When we pack, we use a systematic, numbered packing system. When we unload at the new location, we  ensure your archives are arranged in the appropriate order.
Storage of archives
When you move your office, we can provide short-term or long-term storage for your archives. We have arranged maximum security in  our warehouse and we store documents in accordance with all recommended industry standards.
Storage of office equipment
While your new office is being renovated (or if you require storage for other reasons), we can store your office equipment and documents in our secure warehouse.
With our moving company, your office equipment is in good hands. With every move you can encounter unexpected situations, however, so we advise you to make backup copies of your data. We also recommend that you insure valuable items, such as objects of art, servers, and other similar items.