International moves

At Vatovec Relocations, we have extensive experience with moves from abroad to Slovenia and from Slovenia to other countries. We move companies, businesspeople, individuals, and families.

We successfully combine moves from abroad to Slovenia with relocation services. This means that we’re not just moving you or your colleagues from abroad but that we also take care of the numerous formalities required for starting a new life in Slovenia.

Why choose Vatovec Relocations for an international move?


Internationally certified for quality of international moves
Since our founding in 1998, Vatovec Relocations has consistently worked to expand and improve our services. We work carefully and reliably and in accordance with all industry standards. In 2003, we succesfully met all requirements for membership the FIDI Global Alliance, the most elite association of international moving companies. We are the only moving company in Slovenia to bear the prestigious FAIM certification, the only award of its kind in the world.
Professional packing service and packing materials
An extremely important part of the move is the quality of the packing and the type of material used. This determines whether your belongings arrive safely and undamaged at their destination.

We pack fragile items such as crsytal, glass, and china in specially-designed rigid plastic crates.  We protect valuable paintings, antiques, and chandeliers, as needed, in custom-made wooden crates. Clothing can be moved on hangers in packaging which will ensure that there will be no need for ironing or laundering after your garments arrive at their destination.

Specializing in moves throughout Europe and around the globe
We handle moves to Slovenia and within Slovenia, throughout Europe, and to the rest of the world.

Sometimes, residents of Slovenia decide to move to another continent for professional opportunity, or for other reasons. The most common destinations are listed below. In these cases, it’s especially important to entrust your entire move to a qualified and experienced moving company.

Moves by ground, air, and sea
We take into account the specifics of your move and select the most suitable means of transport. We arrange the entire process: we bring in the transported goods, unpack them, and remove used packing material. When you arrive in your new country, you won’t need to hunt for this kind of service.
Storage of household goods
If you are unable to move in to your new home or set up your belongings immediately or set up your belongings,  we can store them in our modern warehouse.

Our warehouse is insured against fire and theft, linked to a 24/7 security service, and equipped with video surveillance cameras. You may choose from various types of storage, including locked storage units, complete with shelves for storing documents and archives.

Network of high-quality international moving partners
Throughout our long history, we have developed partnerships with the best international moving companies. These companies provide certain services for us abroad, while we provide services for them in Slovenia.  So wherever you are, we will take the best possible care of you.
In-depth knowlege of customs formalities
Concerned about proper handling of customs formalities? Trust our experience and we will arrange customs formalities promptly and in accordance with all required regulations in Slovenia as well as abroad.  We can take care of any kinds of goods you wish to move.
Fine art moves
We know that moving fine art requires extra care, as these objects are impossible to replace in the case of loss or damage. Therefore, we devote special attention to packing these items safely. We also take care of customs and other formalities, as well as obtaining the necessary permits for your art.
Pet moves
Pets (dogs, cats, birds, and other animals) need to move safely and with as little stress as possible. Leave the move to our team of experts who, regardless of the distance of the move, ensure that your loved ones travel safely and comfortably. In safe and specially adapted crates, your pets can relax during the journey and have access to food and water along the way.
Because we plan every detail of our work, it’s extremely rare that a mistake on our part causes loss or damage of your goods. Unexpected events or unforeseen accidents can occur, however, so we don’t leave anything to chance.

We are covered by our own insurance policy; this coverage is limited, however, and may not cover all damage that occurs.  For this reason, we recommend purchasing a moving insurance policy, which will ensure full coverage of damage, should an accident occur.  In this way, your goods will be insured throughout the entire process of packing, transport, and delivery.

Vatovec Relocation Services
Vatovec Relocations can help you arrange all of the remaining formalities connected with a move from abroad to Slovenia or from Slovenia to another country.  Relocation services encompasses all services which are important for a smooth start to life in a new home and a new country. We move not only your belongings but transition your entire life. More about relocation services. 


We have planned and executed numerous moves from Slovenia to various European countries and other countries around the world. For Slovenians who move to other continents, we have extensive experience with moves to Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. For our international moves and relocations, we have successfully collaborated with our network of partners abroad.

Our overseas expertise includes:

The above links will take you to the customs declaration forms you will need to complete before moving to your new country.


Moving tips


Start your moving preparations early in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly and according to plan. If you have any additional questions related to moving, please call us or write to us and we will gladly assist you.

Two months before your move

  • Identify a real estate agency to arrange for sale or rental of your apartment.
  • Identify a real estate agency which will search for a new apartment for you.
  • Call Vatovec Relocations so we can create your move plan.

One month before your move

  • Identify items you do not wish to move.
  • Make a list of all things you would like to move. Determine their value.
  • Call repair services for any broken items.
  • Arrange for insurance for your car and apartment.
  • Arrange your international driver’s license.
  • Notify official agencies, banks, and insurance companies of your change of address.
  • Notify schools and obtain any records that will be needed by new schools.
  • Obtain copies of medical records you may need in your new location.
  • Cancel subscriptions to newspapers, magazines, TV, cable, telephone, mobile phone, insurance and Internet services.
  • Reserve your hotel rooms.
  • Reserve your plane tickets.

10 days before your move

  • Take any items needing cleaning to the dry cleaners.
  • Return any items you have borrowed.
  • Request return of any items you may have loaned to others.
  • Check your bank accounts. Remember to take into consideration any long-term deposits or automatic payments.
  • Empty the freezer and make a plan to use up remaining food items.
  • Call us to have packing materials delivered for any items you wish to pack yourself.
  • Provide us with all documents required for customs clearance (import and export) of your goods.

One week before your move

  • Pack the luggage you plan to take with you. Separate it from the rest of your goods.
  • Arrange mail forwarding at the post office.
  • Defrost the freezer and clean the refrigerator.
  • Notify your neighbors and the property management about use of the elevator during your move.
  • Pick up all items from dry cleaners.
  • Pick up any items you had taken in for repair.
  • Reserve space for parking the moving truck in front of your buildilng.
  • Pay all bills and if necessary, cancel electric and gas service.
  • Arrange for child care during the move.

Moving day

  • Pack all documents, money, valuable papers, certificates, jewelry, and other valuables in your carry-on luggage. Ensure these items will not be accidentally packed with your other goods.
  • Put away remaining bedding and clothing.
  • Check once again to ensure that all places, including closets and drawers, are empty.
  • Together with a Vatovec Relocations employee, check the inventory list, including the description of the condition of your goods.
  • Sign the inventory list and obtain a copy.
  • Turn the keys of your apartment over to a reliable person.

During your move
Notify Vatovec Relocations immediately of any possible unexpected delays, irregularities, or changes.

Arrival day

  • Your participation in the customs clearance process is required.
  • During unloading, verify that all items have arrived.
  • During the unpacking process, check the condition of your items.
  • Note any potential damage immediately on the inventory list. Fill out the »Damage Claim« form and show any damaged items to an employee of the moving company. Take photos and send them to us.
  • After everything has been unpacked, sign the inventory list.

After arrival
Your customs documents will be sent electronically. Save them in a safe place, as you may need them in the future.